About us

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Hiippo was thought of since 2004. However, it was born in 2014 with the objetive of becoming the number one technology development company by offering one of the best work-life balanced places to work.

Our objective is to make work and society more enjoyable helping customers improve any of the areas they need to optimize by applying technology and creativity.

Honesty, eagerness to help fun and creativity are our core values.




Chief Executive Officer

Lateral thinker, go-getter, and a little crazy. This words come to mind when one thinks of Carmen but are in no way sum her up. Although business oriented she is not afraid to get her hands dirty and aid with development. At Hiippo, she makes sure that resources are well spent and that the value proposition of the business is sound. She also acts as a liaison with the clients.

Hobbies: Travel. Adrenaline.



Chief Technical Officer

Extravagant, transparent and the mastermind of ideas. Javier is a SW developer with experience in Python, javascript and lisp. At Hiippo, with his unique personality and clear values he is in command of validating feasibility and creation of every software solution we can imagine at Hiippo.

Hobbies: Reading, cooking and eating :)



Chief Security Officer

Energetic, imponent and very happy. Origins unknown.

Hobbies: Eating, tail and ball chasing, more eating.

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